Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dudes, I'm so awesome.

I'll be humble again tomorrow...but for the right now...I own. Srsly, ppls, I can haz you seen my new papercraft? No, for really! It's awesome. What's wrong with my speech? I don't know.

So I zombified my Newsbot just in time for the Zombie walk today. ('s almost today) Introducing Zombot. The phenomenally phantastic photographs below are by my pal Lindsey Turner. This particular pre-assembled Zombot comes with a sweet sweet severed Newsbot head and leg to munch on so as to satisfy his Zombot cravings for robot flesh...which is really just metal when you think about it...and THAT's really just paper when you think about it.

You can read more about the contest at If you feel like downloading Newsbot he's available from the CA website or right here on my blog. Download him. Put him together. Just don't leave him alone or he might eat your iPod.

Comment on my post and tell me how awesome I am...I mean...Zombot is.