Friday, August 14, 2009

The Graveyard Girl

I don't normally post images for print BEFORE they print, but this time I'll bend my rule. The N.I.E. (Newspapers in Education) folks at the C.A. are adapting a children's story called "The Graveyard Girl" as a serial starting in September. The book has 11 chapters that will be broken down into two chapters per week with two illustrations each. That means I have to get busy.
I don't want to give anything I won't. I will tell you that the story centers around 3 children who meet at Elmwood Cemetery during the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis during the late 1870's. I've been once this week just to get a few rough sketches of the caretaker's cottage, but I'll be going next week to spend a few days getting more detailed sketches of the interior as well as landscapes and headstone references. I love research! I've found very limited photographs of 1870's clothing, but if anyone has access to images of late 19th century clothing give me a shout!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jupiter Jonah is my hero

Shobo and Shof are hard at work on some really awesome Jupiter Jonah stuff so I thought (as per Shof's recent request and Shobo's request from a fabillion years ago) I'd dust off the old sketchbook and post some of my Jonah sketches. When I couldn't find them I did this one! I can't quite place my finger on it, but Jonah looks real familiar. Hmmm.