Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, kids. I suppose you're wondering where I've been?

I guess that means it's time I get back to blogsvegas and start blogging again. It's been a busy, crazy, hectic summer...and also...I bought a being really busy with work and all...I'm also guilty of riding my motorcycle, looking at my motorcycle, washing my motorcycle, sitting next to it and talking to it about life, love, and art, and occassionally whispering sweet nothings to it. I realize I owe about a fabillion people about a fabillion emails and I'll get to them this week. I'm working on my syllabus for the upcoming semester. Once that's done...I'll give you a shout. And actually, it's probably more like 5 or 6 people. You know who you are. I still love you.

I just love my motorcycle a little more.

And yes...yes, that's my motorcycle. I wouldn't just slap an arbitrary motorcycle picture up there. You can tell she's mine because there are all those little newspaper dispensor/honor system thingies in the background that have "The Commercial Appeal" written all over them.

Speaking of which...if you haven't read's still news.

Speaking of speaking of awesome would it be if I secured myself one of those sweet little newspaper doo-dad guys and made a robot out of it. Doesn't it just scream robot?

Well...I think it screams robot.

So...who wants to see some cool art????? I have something ready. I just need to hear it from you that YOU are ready.