Monday, February 25, 2013

Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

I found two fonts that I had forgotten to install a while ago.  Both "celtic-y" in theme.  I think the celtic knots in the Celtic Decorative Drop Caps font might be a bit too much, but I think the roundness of the Stonecross font works well with the circular aspect of the Seahorse relic.

Or should I just leave it alone?


Also...these are roughs.  I would still trace the font, ink it, and then add the textures from the first font.

Also also...I think the kerning between the A and the H in the Stonecross logo needs some work.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I lied. NOW, I'm done.

The orange on the other one was...too ORANGE.

Done. Totally Done. I think...

Eh? about these?  I made two roughs.  One is a broken seahorse ring and the other is a little more orange oxidation/rust/whatever happens to bronze behind the E and it has a newer, simpler stroke.  Both of these are roughs and would require re-inking the little broken edges for the ring or the stroke for the letters.  (these were just quick photoshop tests...DON'T JUDGE ME).


I'm close!  I think.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Entangled Indecision Over Webcomic Header!

So which one do you guys like??  I've tinkered with it so many times and created SOOOO many variations that it's all starting to run together.  I'd love specific suggestions if you guys have any.  I'm ready to finish this thing and move onto the rest of the home page layout and then start plotting out the individual comic layouts.