Thursday, March 18, 2010

The fruits of Spring Break...thus far

Nautical, steampunkish fruits anyway. A good friend of mine is an art director for a company that produces collectible card games. I created these characters for a game that will come out sometime in the near-ish future. He said I could come up with absoultely whatever I wanted. When left to my own devices this was all I had. A mermaid with a jet pack and a water tank so she can breath in the air is the hero. The villain is a Davey Jones-inspired, squid-headed, robot-bodied pirate. I inked the mermaid and then digitally painted her beneath the line art layer because I was scared I would do a craptastic job of painting her on top of the sketch. I struggled with the right mix of visible line art and painty aesthetic. So...I scrapped that technique and just painted Squid Vicious on top of the sketch and I like it TEN times better. I have, however, spent far FAR too much time on these already and my sleep schedule is so off that I'm going to bed at 8 in the morning and getting up at 2 in the afternoon. It is now Thursday and I have 4 days to get back into a normal routine. Wish me luck.