Thursday, September 27, 2012

Raise a little Hell

Here are both versions of my Hellboy for the Superhero Cocoa Halloween contest.  Check it out and you'll see Kayla Cline's awesome drawing of Castiel dressed as Hellboy!

Send me an angel...

...right now.  right now.

Does anyone else remember the 80's stunt BMX movie RAD?  I loved that movie.  I mean loved.  To be honest I was probably obsessed with it.  We watched the VHS tape so many times that it became discolored and fuzzy.  That may or may not have also been due to it being a bootleg copy.  Who knows?

But Shane, what does that have to do with the images of Hellboy below?  I'm glad you asked.  There's a scene in RAD in which the hero, a guy named Cru Jones...which I just thought was the shit at the time...has a dance number with Lori Loughlin (another stunt rider) during the high school prom.  It's pretty epic.  If you don't think so that means you probably suck at understanding epic.

Anyway, I may or may not have "Send me an angel" by Real Life in my iTunes playlist and I may or may not have thought of it when I drew this picture of Hellboy dressed as an angel from a popular tv show.  I can't say who just yet, but you'll see soon enough.  This is a promo piece I did to accompany a really awesome promo piece by bestest pal Kayla Cline for the SHCC Halloween 2012 contest...which I am immensely excited about.  I am so excite!  ehem.  Anyway...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here's a sneak peek at a little fella I drew recently and who will soon make his debut on shirts, posters, and a billboard for the House of Mews somethingth annual Meowathon, "Run for the Claws". It has a lot of names. I'm pretty sure this is the 9th annual race, but my brain might also be making that up. In that case I'll come back here and correct it. Anyway...