Thursday, November 06, 2008

One man...three techniques...master of none.

Well, Kids, how many of you are tired of me starting these posts with "well, kids?" I guess I should try something new once in a while. Something like...I don't know...3 images at once. Before President Elect Barack Obama (Captain Awesome) was elected I had to do an illustration for a story that compared his health care plan with that of John McCain (Captain not Awesome). I decided cut paper was the way to go because honestly, nothing makes me feel more artistic than deadlines, panick, and using scissors. You can see the page here. Next was an illustration about the dangers of everyday things like mercury in fish, crazy chemicals in our aluminum beverage cans, cell phones maybe causing brain tumors, and some crazy chemical in plastic bottles. Last, but not this piece for a story about Memphians voting on charter ammendments. They had the idea of a voter making his/her decision at the box. I'm all "ammendment illustration"-ed out these days so I welcomed someone else cutting out the brianstorming process just this once. While I don't love the illustration I do think the texture is interesting.