Thursday, February 14, 2013

I lied. NOW, I'm done.

The orange on the other one was...too ORANGE.


Mathew Kaminski said...

I super dig this! :)

Can't wait to see what you're up to with it.

Shobo Coker said...

I think the logo's looking quite nice. May I ask what kind of publication schedule you're looking at? One page a week, a couple a month, etc? Shof and I have been throwing around a similar idea for Jonah.

P.S. Hi! It's been a while, eh!? *hug*

Lighthouse Pilot said...
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Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks, Mathew! I'm pretty excited about it! Also...thanks for all the other insightful comments as well. :)

Shobo!!! How the heck are you?! Thanks, by the way! I'm planning on publishing one page a week, but hopefully, occasionally, I'll post a sweet two-page spread. My plan was to launch on March 1st when my webcomics students post their first comics, but I'm a little behind schedule. I can't wait to see what you guys do with Jonah. Make me a little banner and I'll put a link on my page!

Also...I miss you so I hugged you back for an uncomfortably long time. :)

Shobo Coker said...

Can't wait to see more, Mr. McD (I can't believe I never thought to call you that, I was just watching an episode of DuckTales). We'll definitely let you know when Jonah finally gets up and running, Shof's busy right now with a project we're working on with another author called Light, Sweet, Crude (

I don't get much traffic at all on my blog, but I'll definitely reciprocate with a link :)

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Holy Cow, Shobo. That's beautiful! I remember seeing posts about Light, Sweet, Crude, but I failed to notice the link until now. Those 8 pages are beautiful!

Jenis Broad said...

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