Thursday, May 17, 2007

More old stuff! Yay!

How about some illustrations!? I never know if the exclaimation point should go before or after the question mark. It isn't in any MLA handbook I've got lying around. So...onto the illustrations.

This was for a story about evil bosses. I know I had my share before I landed at the CA so I drew inspiration from that...and the many, many, completely retarded memos that we got.

This was for a story about the juvenile court justice system in Memphis. I was later told by the writer that someone had complained that it was racist to not make juvie justice African-American. I'm pretty sure someone would have complained either way.

And lastly, this one was for a story about the "Trust Pays" campaign in Memphis in which students are offered monitary rewards for stepping forward and blowing the whistle on shady goings-on in their schools. The story explores whether or not that's a good idea.

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chrishaley said...

The exclamation mark should be after the question mark. It's more reserved for instances of utter disbelief or shocked desperation/exasperation.

These illustrations are all great by the way.
The text on the boss' "head" is hilarious as well.