Friday, May 18, 2007

Butterfly sketch

Many, many moons ago I met a nice fellow by the name of Dean Trippe. He created a snazzy little comic called Butterfly. In this meeting he said I should draw up a nice Butterfly and then he'd link me. Well...many, many moons later (that's now) I've started working on it. The concept is Butterfly at the dawn of the 19th Century. I think I want to actually draw him flying and in a more dynamic pose, but this gives you an idea of where I'm headed. Thoughts? Suggestions?

You should also know my scanner's doing some weird thing where everything white is blue. I don't feel like tinkering with the settings so I did this "old" thing to cover it up.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More old stuff! Yay!

How about some illustrations!? I never know if the exclaimation point should go before or after the question mark. It isn't in any MLA handbook I've got lying around. So...onto the illustrations.

This was for a story about evil bosses. I know I had my share before I landed at the CA so I drew inspiration from that...and the many, many, completely retarded memos that we got.

This was for a story about the juvenile court justice system in Memphis. I was later told by the writer that someone had complained that it was racist to not make juvie justice African-American. I'm pretty sure someone would have complained either way.

And lastly, this one was for a story about the "Trust Pays" campaign in Memphis in which students are offered monitary rewards for stepping forward and blowing the whistle on shady goings-on in their schools. The story explores whether or not that's a good idea.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drawing from Life comic series

So...some of you have been on my case to get cracking and do a little more posting. I have some serious catching up to do so I offer this recycled stuff while I crank out a few new things. Most of you have probably seen these, but there are probably a tiny few of you who haven' em out. I'm gearing up to do two more this year and possibly a great big 8 to 12 page Christmas story with the same characters you'll meet in THIS Christmas story. Fancy.

The Plane! The Plane!

I've decided that I definitely want a tattoo. No, I'm not talking about the short, island-dwelling, plane-arrival-announcing chap from Fantasy Island. What would I do with him? I'm talking about having someone poke pigments into my skin over and over again with a pointy needle. Sounds scary doesn't it? It can't be that bad.
What am I getting? I'm glad you asked. I'm getting a seahorse. (wow, I can practically hear the fake "" responses now.) Why a seahorse? I'm glad you asked! (But we didn't ask.) Shut up. Yes, you did.
My Celtic Moon sign is the seahorse...which is basically the same as a pisces in the sun zodiac. The Celtic seahorse, however, has the ability to swim the watery, dreamworld of our imagination, but can, in addition, walk in the land of reality. I think it sort of fits me because I wanted badly for years to have a career in art, but it wasn't until I figured out that I had to make it happen that I started achieving my goals. I go back and forth between thinking its all a load of seahorse crap and thinking there just might be some kind of mathmatical equation working itself out in the universe that we can all sorta tap into and use to navigate our lives. Is it a coincidence that one of my stories has to do with dragons and that a star was named after me in the Draco constellation? Is it a coincidence that another story close to my heart features a flying lighthouse and I find myself working at a newspaper under the scripps flag...a flag which bares the image of a lighthouse? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think life is more fun with a little romance so I'm going to say that there are no coincidences.
Anyway, I'm thinking of getting the tattoo on my upper right shoulder. These are a few of my first sketches. Any suggestions?