Saturday, March 29, 2008

Memphis Sport Cover

This is the original version of the cover I did for Memphis Sport Magazine. The idea was to portray Memphis Tigers player Joey Dorsey as a "monster on the court" by kinda sorta ripping off this Hulk cover. Ultimately, we 86'd the lava ink spatters and went with something cleaner. These things are on stands all over Memphis and they're pick one up!


Shobo C said...

Hey, neat! And a little scary as well. I think getting rid of the lava was a good call and the more dynamic angle works.

Cody the cannibal said...

The angle on the other is better, but darn if I don't like that lava, if not for this for something else.

P.S. I hate sports, but this makes me want to watch a game.

chrishaley said...

I like your original better.
Also, people are using that image to make bootleg t-shirts... where I work.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

bootleg t-shirts. That's both cool and not cool

Cool because it means people like it.

Not cool because it means I'm missing out on an opportunity to make sweet sweet bounty off of it.

You can't make sweet sweet bounty off of college athletes anyway, I might as well let them have their fun.

I would, however, gladly accept donations.

Like that's going to happen.

chrishaley said...

Of course, I should say that when I say "making bootleg t-shirts", what would be more accurate to say would be, "made a bootleg t-shirt" for the super-fan guy who knew you'd drawn the shoes wrong.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I think I liked it better when I thought everyone in Memphis was doing it. Can we go back to that?