Friday, October 03, 2008

My throat hurts. For real.

That has absolutely nothing to do with this illustration...whatsoever...but I just thought you should know. Unless my throat hurting is a symptom of something much more serious...something that would lead to my hospitalization...THEN it relates. Wow...that worked out well.
What a segue, eh? This illustration accompanied a story about Care Pages, which are web pages created for and by patients so that they can stay connected with the outside world and keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones. Can you find me in the illustration? I'm totally in there.


Kayla Cline said...

Top row, second from the right?

did you accurately cover how to color linework like you do in class? Because you should some day.

Katie said...

Yes because you're one of only two people with almost full frontal 3/4 views of the face.

I say the sore throat is a side effect from the job profession of teaching. I did it for three years and I got sick often but when I was out of practice for a few months mine got really achy for the first 2 months.

I say eat enough vitamin C tablets to kill an elephant and you should feel better.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

The color work is great and I think I see that recycled paper texture (hehe). I really like the delicate stylization of the hand in the foreground although I wish the knuckles were less pronounced.

I feel kinda weird saying this since you're my professor, but I thought I'd drop a line on you're blog. Take care of that throat Shane!

Robot Turkey Girl said...

Oh oh! I know! You're the smiling one with the desktop? Do I get a gold star?

I agree with Katie, it must be the teaching. I was an assisstant for 2 years and had to talk sometimes. My throat always hurt after that. And also because of the little runny-nosed/coughing treasures running around the classroom.

Lauren Rae said...

this is pretty sweet, Shane. Really digging the subdued color scheme. Is that a shameless inclusion of yourself I see in there?

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Yep. I started working on a tutorial for the line art coloring along with the cut-out thing I did in class on Friday, but my car was broken into this weekend and my CD player stolen and I've been trying to take care of all that stuff. I'll go over it in class this Friday and hopefully get the tutorial up this weekend.

Good call. Vanity strikes again. I think you're right. The talking/teaching thing can be strenuous on the ol' throat. That's why I'm building a robot to teach the class for me.

I see what you're talking about with the knuckles. They are a little jarring compared to the flow of the lines through the wrist, hands, and then up into the mouse cords. I welcome the criticism. Bring it. I don't get as much critiquing as I'd like these days.

The only little runny-nosed, coughing treasures running around the classroom that I come in contact with are you guys. Are you saying YOU GUYS got me sick? Hmm. You get a gold star for the first one, but if you guys got me sick someone's getting a negative gold star. However that works.

Lauren Rae,
Thanks! You did indeed spot me. Vanity strikes again. I saw a nice article about the artist guild in the Arts Memphis magazine the other day. Cool beans.

Robot Turkey Girl said...

Ha! I didn't know that there were negative gold stars... I guess that's what happens when you make them imaginary gold stars. But yeah, one of us probably did get you sick, but not me... never... I need you healthy so I can build up my gold star collection. :)

Shobo Coker said...

Neat, quite like this one. Color work is very nicely done.

Lauren Rae Holtermann said...

Yep, that was totally us. I'm surprised that people have actually seen the article, I didn't think many people really read that magazine. I have to resist the urge to sharpie PAGE 26 on the front cover of every issue I see...