Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey Kids,
In case you missed it...'>this ran at the top of A1 in the December 6 edition of the Commercial Appeal. You can visit and click on the "build your own newsbot" link. There you can watch a short video where I show you how to assemble your own newsbot at the speed of light. You can also print the templates and instructions there. Good times. I encourage you to build your own newsbot. I've built 5 not counting the prototype. I'm forging a small army of paper robots.

You can also print directly from the templates I've posted here: page 1, page 2

*Newsbot photo by Mike Brown of the Commercial Appeal.


Katie said...

I want to see a gazillion of these invade Wendi C. Thomas' desk.

Brian Truesby said...

Lovely! I cant wait to try my hand at constructing one of these little guys.

Add my blog to your list whenever you get chance; I'll be updating it more throughout the summer as I continue to work!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Well...I'm a long way off from a gazillion. Would you settle for 5?

Sweet! Do it. Make about 5 less than a gazillion...whatever that is.

theogeo said...

Huzzah! I made mine tonight. I've decided to name him Bojanklesbot. You'll understand why when you see him.

He's ... rickety. :)

theogeo said...

Hot damn, I thought for sure that would be a clickable link. IT IS NOW!

Shobo Coker said...

That's really neat.

When you say you're forging an army of newsbots I can't help but see images of giant Stay-Puft type newsbots loose in downtown Memphica.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I love the festive wintery hat pic. It is both festive and wintery. Bojanklesbot isn't rickety! He's cute! Well done!

That's exactly my plan. If the giant inflatable Santa doesn't rip loose from his tethers at the Christmas tree farm and start reaking...wreaking? I can't spell. And start wreaking havoc on downtown first.