Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More things Obama

These are two paintings I recently did for all the crazy buzz that was Obama's inauguration. The first was a painting that ran with quotes in the negative space above Obama and below Dr. King. I suppose I could get my hands on that file and post it. Maybe later. Anyway, it was an examination of how Obama's carrying on Dr. King's dream. The second was a center piece illustration for a fun facts page for kids. It's actually an old idea I had for an Obama illustration well before the election. I thought the stark contrast of the bright White House held carefully in the obviously African-American hands was just a nice image. It very quietly says everything I sort of feel in my heart. I'm particularly pleased with the way it printed in the paper. If only our stock was bright white instead of newspaper gray. Oh well.

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Shobo Coker said...

Well look at you with your fancy pants new domain!

I dig the vibe of the second piece, the White House looks so delicate! Also really like the hint of blue in Obama's neck in the first picture, and the almost super-heroic expression.

Few questions about your domain. Did you buy it via Blogger? What is difficult/complicated. Was it expensive?