Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes, that is a MATA bus.

Many moons ago (and by many I mean a few and by moons I mean months) I did a pinup for Under Pressure, the first volume of the fantastic web comic Let's Be Friends Again. It's pretty BOSS if I do say so myself. I'm talking about my pinup, but the comic is pretty freaking boss as well. It features quite a few fancy pinups by some really talented folks including Maestro Joel Priddy. Because I like those guys (Chris and Curt) so much and because I think their comic is so great I decided to get a little crafty. Stay tuned for more news on said craftiness. ;)
photos of crafty fellows by Lindsey Ninja Turner


Joel Priddy said...

Man-o-Geez, I love those paper-crafty guys! The likenesses are amazing, given that they're both rectangles. When we get to see the whole thing?

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks, Joel! I'll email you a couple of pictures of them. Their availabilty depends entirely upon when those LBFA Lads decide to post the templates. Chris mentioned there being 3 strips this week so maybe they're coming this week?! As soon as they go up on I'll post the templates on my blog as well. In the meanwhile I'll email you a couple of photos of them in their entirety!