Saturday, June 11, 2011

I inked them

and I'm not that crazy about them.  I guess I'll stick with the digital Leyendecker-ish painting.  It just makes me feel like a poser, though...because he was the shit.

And yes, I know the hands are too big and in the wrong place.  I did lots of hands and then composited them in the right spot.


Anonymous said...

The arms are too long I guess? But nice work :)

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Haha! You did see the part in the post about the hands not being in the right spot, right? :) I drew several hands from different angles and that's just the set I inked. They got shifted into the correct place in photoshop.

James Figueiredo said...

That's a LOVELY drawin, and I love how "graphic" it feels. Great work!

sarah saint said...

I'm clicking the invisible "like" button.

Imagine a little thumbs-up right after this sentence.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

CJ, in retrospect I now suspect you were bing sarcastic. Apolgies!

Sarah, thanks!! I can see it in my mind!