Friday, September 23, 2011

Back in the posting swing!

But probably not really. I wish I posted more frequently, but given that I have a full-time illustration job at a newspaper and I'm teaching two illustratino/comics classes this semester...I'll just have to accept my limits.  I feel old and tired these days.

I'm in the process of scanning lots of pages from one of my most recent sketchbooks so I'll probably make a HUGE post with that soon. In the meanwhile I offer a few old illustrations.

First is an illustration about setting boundaries. I don't know that it's as clear as it should be, but the girl has painted a line in her mind and she's not letting anyone get past that line. The story was about not letting people walk all over you. I hope it reads that way and not as if she's just not letting anyone in.

Second is an illustration about the wave of republicans that replaced all our favorite democrats a couple of years ago. I think this ran BEFORE the elections. At any rate...I really like my foaming wave crest of elephant heads and trunks. Didn't notice before? Now you do. And yes, I'm that awesome.

Thirds (I meant to put an s on thirds) is an old one from...(I'm going to check the date)...(I'm back from checking the date)...December of 2005! I was just a kid then! Not really, but it was my first year at the CA and I love Christmas-themed illustrations. Partially for sentimental reasons, but mostly because of the colors and the general feeling of being warm when it's cold outside. That has little to do with this illustration, but whatever. This was about being surprised by your gift on Christmas. I wanted the kid to look surprised, but not necessarily in a disappointed or pleasant way. Just surprised in general so the viewer could project their own feelings into it.

And that's it for now. More after the sketchbook scan.

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