Thursday, August 30, 2012

I don't know what I'm doing

Hey Everyone, it's been a long time since we rocked and rolled...or you know...since I posted.  So long that things around here got dusty and there were some bots posting.  Is that a thing?  Is that a real thing?  Am I using that correctly?  I'm sure I'm not.  I don't know what a bot is, but I had people posting advertisements for products as comments on my posts.  For now I will call them bots because it's less offensive than RATSOUPEATINGMOTHERFUCKERS.  oops.

Anyway, in honor of my push to start working on more personal work again...I'm posting this thing that I never finished and haven't looked at in years.  Someone offer some suggestions.  "Throw it out and start over" is also a suggestion.



Elliot Boyette said...

I like how his tail's crammed in the frame hah.

As a standalone piece I like it so far.

Depending on where you wanna go with it.. I could see giving it some directional lighting to work with it and get a bit more value contrast in there.

I almost want to see something in the black background like a faint texture or pattern (hand drawn).

Some suggestions for the suggestion furnace.

Donald Juengling said...

It's great, sir! Always been a fan so keep them coming!