Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dropping off of the map...kind of literally...

That's witty because I'm referring to my Seahorse webcomic, and the home page is LITERALLY a map.  It is LITERALLY a map.  See what I did there?

Anyway, I just updated the blog portion of the webcomic with exciting news!  I'll try not to spoil it here so go THERE and read it!

I'd also like to show off the art I just finished for the June poster for Memphis Roller Derby.  I don't mind sounding conceited here when I say it's THE BIZNESS.  I'm not sure if that's a thing people say, "the business", but I like to think my "BIZNESS" spin is 100% original.  In my mind, it means "BOSS", which means AWESOME.  For the old people following my blog...(are there any old people following my blog?)...that means GOOD.

I did the design aspect as well, but I won't post the complete poster until MRD has them printed.  It's also best that someone else proof my spelling and general design work because I am NOT a fontsmith.

I should also add that "THE BIZNESS" reminds me of my cat Remmington.  (Full name = Remmington Steele Pitters).  Anyway, Remmington is a fluffy cat with those little tufts of hair that stick out from the peds in his paws.  These result in reduced traction, and maximize a cat's ability to run and slide across your freshly polished hardwood floors or coffee table.  It also maximizes a cat's natural ability to knock your stuff over.  Anyway, he slides into the living room all Tom Cruise-in-his-socks a lot, and Ashley called him "Risky Business" the other night.  Risky Business is my new nickname for Remmington.  (the cat...not the cat burglar)  OOOOH...I just realized my cat isn't ONLY named after Pierce Brosnan's character, but he's named after a character that's a CAT BURGLAR!  Ordained in the cosmos, I tell you.

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