Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sam from the Fahr-Fahrawei Galaxy and Manfred, the robotic, high school mascot turned dream world warrior.

Sam is a robot girl that was once human. I'm not going to go into any more detail here about her origin, but I can say she looks out for Jack when he first returns to the dream world. She's handy in a fight as well. I played around with several different hip designs for Sam, but have settled on the larger ball and socket design. For now. This is what her robot body looks like, but she wears clothes for most of the comic because it makes her feel a little more human.

I almost called this "The Long Arm of the Law" because her extended arm is a little too long in the original sketch sans Photoshop correction, but I decided to just make a joke about it here instead.

I guess you could call her THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW.


I will tell you a little bit about Manfred, however. During the homecoming hall decorating contest at Jack's high school, he and his best friends created a robotic tiger mascot out of cardboard. Naturally, Jack did a lot of daydreaming about Manfred and his imaginary origin is that they actually built him out of an old F-150 and brought him to life Frankenstein-style with a bolt of lightning. Ultimately, Manfred has to battle a robotic mascot from a rival school and all kinds of giant robot/high school antics ensue. This daydreaming about Manfred created a very real Manfred in the dream world.

In Jack's long absence from the dream world there was an epic battle in which Manfred was destroyed. Now that Jack has returned to the dream world he rebuilds Manfred with the help of Sam's intergalactic technology. The sketches reveal the original, boxier Manfred, and the revised sketch shows the new and improved Manfred. There are still visible pieces of the Ford F-150.

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Shobo Coker said...

You've been busy. Manfred looks and sounds cool. More drawings please :D