Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm one-sixteenth of the way finished with the thumbnails for my Seahorse comic. That's half of the first 28-page #0 issue. Which is one of eight 28-page issues. That's a total of 224 pages.

It took me the entire fall semester to write the script for issues 1-7 as well as creating all of the character sketches. I've spent this semester writing, re-writing, re-re-writing, and finishing the script for issue 0. I have just begun the thumbnails.

Here's a peak at my process. I've compiled all the tiny thumbnail doodles I do on my printed script. I then do really REALLY detailed thumbnails on templates I made. Don't ask me to do the math and tell you what percentage of an actual page it is. I have no idea. I'm also posting some prep sketch pages to show how many different ways I frame and block my shots before making my final decision. I don't always pick the shots I like best. Sometimes you have to pick what works best with the rest of the page. Sometimes.

I'm not sure why they're so gray. I do, however, know why the first page looks all wrinkled. It's because I had to glue shitty preliminary scans of pages 2 - 4 to a new sheet of paper along with the originals for pages 1 and 5. BECAUSE my jerk cat Heinrich jumped onto my desk AS SOON AS I FINISHED THEM and fucking wretched all over them. It was nasty. This is the same cat who waited until I was asleep and vomited all over my night guard case because I stopped him from vomiting on the rug earlier in the evening.




Shobo Coker said...

That's a lot of stuff! I can't believe you wrote 7 issues in a semester! Can't wait to see more, I was thinking about Seahorse last night actually.

Ricthiam Evans said...

Wow that's a lot of work and inspiring!