Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rock to the top

So...I promised more art. This was a poster I did for a friend many many moons ago. She sings in a band called Rocky 4 Phoenix. It would take too long for me to explain how they arrived at this name so I'm just putting the poster up. It's no Tara McPherson poster action, but it's still pretty sweet if I do say so myself.


april said...

new art! and neat art, at that!

april said...
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TIM BARNES said...

Hey McDermott,

Nice poster.!!!!
thanks checking out my stuff. Those paints I use are Liquitex Acrylics. I'm not painting with anymore texture than usual, what it probably is that the painting is freakin' small. The heads are maybe a 3/4 of an inch high. This BNET work I have been doing has to be done in a really wide format. SO, if it gets too tall then it is crazy wide.

TIM BARNES said...

OH!!! You are talking about Cartoon Colour!
Their website is......
and you can order from them. It's a bit expensive, but what isn't, and they deliver really fast!!

Shobo C said...

I couldn't help but think of a Project Rooftop Wonder Woman redesign when I saw this.

Lighthouse Pilot said...


I left you a message and you left me a message and now I'm letting you know I've seen it.

I'm always way too late to make anything for project rooftop when I find out something's shaking over there. I'd to do something, but I never seem to have enough time. I think they're doing Vampirella at the moment. When that's done...maybe I can catch the next one.