Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah...she has horns

It's because she's half dragon/half human. She's the heroine of one of my stories and & her story have been on my brain lately. Maybe it's the crisp Autumn air we had yesterday morning. Probably not. I did this weeks ago.
I'm not sure I love how I handled the white ink on her forehead, cheek, and ear, but...well, too late now.


Shobo C said...

Since you brung it up, yeah, I think perhaps the white is a bit heavy, particularly on her ear.

I seem to remember her from somewhere, was she in THE COMIC?

Remember when you showed me THE COMIC, is she in it?

xbsquirrel said...

Half Elf, Half Dragon...... Do you play D&D?

TIM BARNES said...

you continue to inspire....

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I knew it! I'm going to paste some sketch paper on top and go back into it. She was in the comic, but she didn't have horns then. I guess you're referring to the 8 page thing I did after our first summer at MCA. Right?

Half dragon for sure. I'm at a loss as to whether or not she's half human or elf or whatever. Her mother was a sorceress, though. No. No, I don't play D&D, but I know people who have.

Thanks! Might I add that you also inspire? If you didn't know it then you will when you see my next post. It's a little Tim Barnes-esque.

Lauren Rae said...

While scrolling past, Shea and I both thought this was a Derrick Dent original upon first glance.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Lauren Rae,
Didn't I tell you? I'm only teaching so I can soak up all the cool stuff you guys do and then regurgitate it for clients for a large fee.