Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh...oh, how I've missed painting.

It's been a while. Every time I return to painting after a long hiatus...which always seems to happen right after I return to painting...I feel like I've actually forgotten HOW to paint. That wasn't the case this time. While, I didn't jump right back into my old groove I didn't flounder as much as I did the last time I returned. So...I'm planning a painting that I hope to get started on later this week. Good times. There are some moments I'm not crazy about in this piece, but time was running out and I had to just let some things alone. This week's painting will rock much harder.
Apologies to Tim Barnes. My love of your style is probably a little too obvious here. I'm not trying to rip off your awesomeness. I promise. For starters...I'd never come anywhere NEAR your awesomeness. For nexters...well...it's a little different...right? Don't answer that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah...she has horns

It's because she's half dragon/half human. She's the heroine of one of my stories and & her story have been on my brain lately. Maybe it's the crisp Autumn air we had yesterday morning. Probably not. I did this weeks ago.
I'm not sure I love how I handled the white ink on her forehead, cheek, and ear, but...well, too late now.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rock to the top

So...I promised more art. This was a poster I did for a friend many many moons ago. She sings in a band called Rocky 4 Phoenix. It would take too long for me to explain how they arrived at this name so I'm just putting the poster up. It's no Tara McPherson poster action, but it's still pretty sweet if I do say so myself.