Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little collaboration?

Why not! Let's face it...I don't post that often and you were all seven of you probably tired of looking at zombie Shane. So why not look at this? This was a fun piece for two reasons. One was that I got to break out of the drawing norm and play around with something a little more...playful. I bought some hotwheels and that leads me to the second reason it was fun. I was able to collaborate with my good friend/co-worker the lovely and very talented Lindsey Turner. She takes awesome photographs whether or not she admits to it and she shot all the hotwheels for me. I like typing "hotwheels." I took all her pictures in to photoshop, cut them out and then placed them on a little drawing of a road and an inspection station. The story is about shelby county merging their inspections with the city of Memphis. The car at the very top left is a Plymouth barracuda. I want the big people version of this car and I want it now. Look at how nicely the photography and illustrations are playing with one another...cough cough...NPDA participants...cough cough. sigh. Maybe next year, NPDA. Maybe next year.


Marie Provence said...

I thought you had made the road into a big question mark, but I see now that there's a separate image where the "dot" would be.
Sorry for the lack of constructive feedback... I will say that I think the photography and illustration do play well together, and I'm still disappointed about NPDA. I noticed they printed your name a bit larger at the bottom as well. Nice!

Joel Priddy said...

Any excuse to buy Hotwheels!

theogeo said...

Awww, thanks for the kind words, Shane. Our collaborations shall be regarded as LEGENDARY, MWAHAHAHA!!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks, Marie! The NPDA situation is disappointing to me as well. There was a talented group this time, but it just didn't come together. Maybe you guys can try again next year.

Joel, you know me so well.

No problem, Linds. (I'm a call you Linds now. Or..."Lens") For some reason the link to your blog wasn't working before, but I fixed it now!