Monday, March 26, 2007

NPDA Update-o-rama

This is serious business, folks. If you've met with your groups, cranked out some work, and been to an NPDA broadside meeting(critique) or two...then give yourself a pat on the back. You've got the talent AND the dedication. Talent means a lot, but it's nothing without dedication.

If you've met with your groups, cranked out a little work, but haven't made a meeting. You're on your way. You're trying. I know work schedules don't always permit critique attendance. I appreciate the effort. Just make sure that when you try you're trying your absolute best. Illustration isn't a career field that permits anything less.

If you haven't met with your group, you haven't done any work, and haven't attended a meeting...your grade for the project is in serious jeopardy. There's still time to kick it in high gear and contribute. If there's no high gear-kicking then the grade will most definitely be a big ZERO. One zero has the power to drag a semester average down to failing.

So...if you're working your hardest you'll most likely continue to do so throughout your college career and success waits for you on the horizon. If you're kinda working, but aren't really dedicated to illustration...there could be some serious non-illustration careering lurking around the corner. can turn it around and get the cool success-horizon thing too. If you're not working hard and you're not dedicated to illustration then now is DEFINITELY the time to start.

That means work, people! You're all talented and all capable, but you have to make your minds up that SCHOOL comes first.


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