Monday, March 26, 2007

Thumbnail Homework

Hey Class,

Just in case there is confusion about the homework...I've posted this handy little message.

There are two assignments. An in class assignment and an out of class assignment. EACH of them require 40 thumbnails.

1.) In Class Editorial Assignment: 40
You could choose from either the "evil boss" story or the "pet friendly home" story. There should be 40 thumbnails for one of these...or 20 for each of them. Or 15 and 35. I don't really care. Just that there are 40 thumbnails for the editorial piece.

2.) Illustrate a Cliche: 40
I want to see 40 thumbnails for this assignment too. (hold the groans) You can do thumbnails for any of the cliches on the list, but it's in your best interest to do more thjmbnails for fewer cliches as opposed to a few thumbnails for every cliche on the list. Please excuse the run-on sentence.

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