Monday, March 26, 2007

One last thing...

...or maybe two.

First thing. If you guys were unclear on the size for the postcards, the dimensions were 150% larger than original the final size of 5 x 7. That means the art needs to be completed at 7.5 X 10.5 inches. Feel free to work larger than that. I call myself making...myself...clear on that one, but in the event that I didn't, I offer apologies. As a general rule of thumb, though, it's always best to work 125 to 150% larger than your print size will be.
I had originally hoped that we could print our map pieces at 16 X 36, but alas, we were unable to secure the roll of paper for the swank printer. There are two options. If you print on 11 X 17 paper change your dimensions to 7.111 X 16 inches. If you print on 13 X 19 paper then your output dimensions need to be 8 X 18 inches. It would be nice if everyone printed on the same size paper, but I won't cry if you don't. I'm hoping that most people will see this before printing and choose 11 X 17 as I know some of you already have. I'll be in DA3 to collect them between 8:30 and 9-ish.

Second thing. Thanks so much for the card and the vomit. (I like saying that) I was honestly very touched by it. I hope that I did a good job for you guys this semester and that you not only learned some new things which will help you in your illustration studies and careers, but that you also enjoyed it. I had a blast and I learned a lot as well. So...thanks for all your hard work and thanks for teaching me some new things as well. If ever in the future you guys need or want input, feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing your work as it progresses. I'll miss you guys.

Thanks again,

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