Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Maybe I shoud try posting some actual art...

This is a flying lighthouse. Broken-hearted robot lads from distant galaxies use them for travelling to earth in what usually turn out to be failed attempts at stealing the moon in hopes of towing it back to their previously mentioned distant galaxies so as to win back the hearts of certain robot lasses. That was an awesome run-on sentence.

Anyway, this piece is a couple of years old, but as I've yet to get a chance to complete the story and/or website that accompany it...I like to keep it around. It makes me feel bad for being a slacker. Hopefully, that will change this year as I attempt to finish...and by finish I mean restart where I left first graphic novel "The Moon Story."

I'm not really a slacker. I work 5 days a week as a newspaper illustrator, sometimes freelancing in educational comics...and other sometimes I teach.

The lighthouse and cliff edge are were inked, scanned, colored in photoshop, and then placed on a scan of the moon and sky painted in gouache. This was one of the first times I inked with a brush and I was still getting used to it. I look forward to revisiting this piece sometime soon.

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