Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I almost forgot!

I designed my first tattoo recently for a friend and she just had it done. Check it out. I hope she doesn't mind me plastering the picture all over the place. I should probably check. She sings in a band -hence the clef and her daughter's birth flower is the lily of the valley. I sketched several concepts, but this is the one everyone liked the best. I'm working on a design for my friend...who happens to be her brother and I'm also working on a design for myself. Hopefully, I'll settle on something and maybe I'll get it this summer! I'll post my sketches soon.


chrishaley said...

That's really slick.
Where did said friend get the work done?

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I believe she said Undground Art.

Cody the cannibal said...

Can you design my tattoo? Here are the elements I wanted in it: Barbwire, Dale Earnhart, and my sister. Go!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I'm afraid that those three elements cancel each other out and your tattoo would be invisible. You'll have to switch one of them out with something else.

michelle said...

That is quite lovely.
My brother wanted me to design a tattoo for him several years ago, involving something like a bloody skull on a snake body.
I have been trying for years to capture the true essence of bloody-snake-man, but sadly, it eludes me. When (or if) I ever manage to achieve this lofty feat, I fear I will have to retire my pencil, for any other artistic endeavor would merely pale in comparison next to that Holy Grail of aesthetics.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks, Michelle! I'm especially pleased with the way the green came out alongside the black.

As for your brother's tattoo...I agree. That design has the potential to outshine almost anything aesthetically pleasing that I've seen to date. You should save it for the end of your career and go out with a bang. The originality of it is so...original.