Monday, April 09, 2007

Not Sweet Victory!

It seems that Hackenslash has begun the untidy process of cleaning the clocks of Team Awesome As Hell. I don't want to sway the fight against fate's will, but I do ask all of you to stop on by Fistacuffs and vote. No...don't just vote...VOTE YOUR CONCSIENCE!

Stay tuned for a message from your good friend The Trampoline!


michelle said...

A tormenting situation, indeed. My loyalties are torn all asunder.
Best of luck to you.

(nice blog name by the way)

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Maybe I could ease your torment by suggesting a cash gift or dinner at your choice of restaurants?

You just let me know.

April said...

hey, no bribing the voters!
wait a second, i'm on your side...

may the awesome prevail!

Joel Priddy said...

Shane! I finally found your blog!

All day, people have been coming up to me, saying "I don't know how to vote! I'm so torn!" Like you, I have assured each one that they should vote for whichever drawing they want to see move on the next round of competition.

And then I slowly reach over and stroke the cover of my grade book.

TheMann said...

very sorry for your loss.