Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Dragon Realm things

Only I won't be calling it Dragon Realm anymore because some dude already wrote a book called The Dragon Realm. I'm back at square one as far as names go. I got really excited about "Dragon Gate" and then I realized it's like Watergate or Stargate and it all had to do with the word gate. So Gate had to go and I pretty much only have Dragon at the moment. Maybe I'll scrap dragon all together and just call it "big flying monsters that can fuck your shit up with fire what shoots out of their mouths". Anyway, this is just the result of me screwing around in my sketchbook.


michelle said...

Dragon Hut. Dragon Depot. Dragon Haus. Dragonburg.
I could go on, probably.

Great personality in yer dragon faces.

Kayla Cline said...

I love these. They're super cute and expressive and full of personality. I think she looks best with short hair, for sure!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Dragon Haus it is, Michelle. How much do you want in royalties?

Thanks, Kayla. I've always seen her with long hair (maybe because it's fun to draw) but I think the short hair would be more functional. Plus, I want a scene where she chops it all off so that'll be cool.

Daniel Felts said...

Can of Wyrms? Wyvern & Shirley? Ain't that a Ddraig?

Alex K. Barton said...

Yes, I also Like the short hair.

Dragon Party, Dragon breakfast, Dragon pizza hut.
I know, I Know I am full of good ideas!