Saturday, July 03, 2010

In her satin tights, fighting for her rights...

...and the old red, white and blue!

Mr. Jim Lee redesigned Wonder Woman's costume and while most agree it's high time for an update, not everyone loves the new look. I don't necessarily hate it, but I feel pretty iffy about it. You can read normal, smart person commentary on the new costume here and a crazy, conservative spin by Jo Piazza at Fox News here. Read and cringe as Piazza tries multiple times to uncover some sort of anti-American flag, Communist comics agenda. "New Wonder Woman Loses Patriotic Costume in Favor of 'Globalized' Duds." (cough...bullshit...cough)

Jemma Salume, however, loves the new design so much so that she did this lovely illustration. Kayla Cline also loves the new look and pays homage here and goes further to create her own redesign. I also dig this very nautical Wonder Woman by Marie Provence.

So with all that talent throwing their respective hats into the mix or throwing their names into the hat or whatever it is people say...I decided to jump into a hat as well...or something.

My thoughts:

Left Wondy has a red leather/armory cuirass with a gold chest emblem and dark blue pteryges held on by the gold belt. She has slightly lighter blue leather/armory pants and Brown (maybe red) lether boots.

Middle Wondy is all casual with her ringer-T. The gold emblem rests on either a white shirt with red sleeves or a red shirt with blue sleeves. Simple jeans and boots. The first jacket option is red with a white collar and white sleeves. The shoulder pads are blue, each with a white star and the cuffs are red. The emblem is gold and a white stripe runs down the center. The second jacket option is my favorite. It's the same design, but the sleeves, sholder area and collar are blue.

Right Wondy sports a red war cuirass with gold emblem, gold belt with blue pteryges, solid boots of a color I've yet to decide and a leather/armor body suit beneath. The body suit will be either, white, black, red, blue or a light gray. I should note that when I inked this one I got rid of the shoulder pads, the accented collar and I changed the lines of the pteryges to allow for less restricted leg movement.

I've inked them, but haven't scanned or colored them yet. Check back for an inky, colorful update and as always, I look forward to your input!


Kayla Cline said...

I absolutely love the one on the right. Love love love. These are so great!!!

Dave said...

God, I hate the Jim Lee costume with a passion. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Dropped."
I'm digging your leathery-hoplite look on the left, but I can't get behind the casual look. Dianna's way too much of an elitist aristocrat to wear a ringer tee. I could see her in a $500 designer t-shirt, but a ringer smacks of baseball and the filthy commoners in the working class.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks, Kayla! I'm about to post the inks.

I think you're right about the t-shirt, Dave. That design is more about the leather jacket and the t-shirt was kind of an afterthought.