Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Illustration dump-type thing

So the top illustration is about health care and how some folks without health insurance still get health care at the expense of increased rates for those who already have health care.  Some people are stepping out into the rain to consider and/or purchase their own umbrella...er...healthcare.  Whatever. 

and then...

"Are you trying ot seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?"  Feel free to subsitute "Mrs. Robinson" with any Annne Bancroft-esque Hogwarts instructor...if such an instructor exists.  This was a quick spot illustration from back in the day when I actually drew the spot illustrations instead of working in vector or with digital photo collages.  The subject was Harry Potter fan fiction or more specifically, Harry Potter porn.  Sad.  I know.  It was titled "Dirty Harry".


Joel Priddy said...

An army of plaid-clad Shanes. The world trembles.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Indeed, Joel, and as well they should. THe world's supply of beer and pizza is now in great danger.