Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hispanic slice of the pie's been a while. Terribly sorry for the lag, but the last couple of weeks have been hella busy...or is it hell of busy. To be honest I'm not sure. But I can assure you that whether or not it was hella or hell was busy.
I'm not necessarily in love with this piece, but then again I'm not really in love with any of the pieces I have uploaded to the ol' photobucket at the moment.
Either way...on with the show. This piece was about the Hispanic slice of the American dream...the American Pie. Yes, I know that it's actually apple pie which is more commonly associated with America, but to be honest with you I liked the red better. I needed something to contrast the color of the crust and apples weren't cutting it. Note the American flag table cloth and the swank shape cut out of the's Mexico! The article raised the question on whether or not illegal immigrants actually take jobs away from Americans and the answer...for the most part...was not so much. It also raised other questions which at this point I can't remember.


Shobo C said...

Yeah, the red of the cherries works really well, actually I quite like the entire pie. The texture on the flag and table is really cool as well.

chrishaley said...

Red is always better.
Any animal automatically looks cooler if you make it red.
That idea carries over into a number of other areas as well.

Cody the cannibal said...

Holy crap this is cool. Sorry for the lack of coherent critique, but I just thought this was bad ASS.

TIM BARNES said...

NICE! great texture. I always like seeing new work from you. Concept is always really strong

april said...

yeah, i like this one a lot!

i learned a great deal about immigration in my racial and ethnic minorities class, and it's very interesting the sort of scapegoating that goes on when the economy is in a slump. i'd be interested to read this article. gonna go find it...

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Thanks! I scanned in a block of wood and then digitally painted on top of that surface. I should do that more often.

Red is always better. That's why there'll be red in my next tattoo.

Bad, that's something I haven't heard in a long time...long time.

You, sir, are too kind. Any praise that comes from the master shall not be taken lightly! By the it cool if I add you to my blog roll??

That sounds like a pretty cool class. Was that at U of M? I'm thinking of taking a fencing class there soon.

april said...

yup. i'm doing sociology now at the u of m. it's a sociology class but it's one of the two you can substitute for a gen-ed history credit.

fencing, eh? sounds like fun!