Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This illustration accompanied a story about a group of individuals who met at...if I remember correctly...the University of Memphis and read from banned books. My first image (later you'll be able to click "image" and see it) was a book bursting open...and in the process bursting out of chains which had previously rendered it unreadable. Ultimately, we settled on this idea...open books as mouths.
I knew I had a winner when I got a text message at work from the Amazing Priddy stating that he noticed and liked the image when one of his students was using newspaper images for a collage.
If I had it to do over I'd take the two horizontal brown lines out of the bottom...I find them distracting now. Almost EVIL looking. I know...the lines aren't really evil. I just wanted to link to that picture because I think it's fantastic. I need to find a way to link to it in every post. I don't have anything against the Pope...I just think he looks like Emperor Palpatine. I'm just saying.


Shobo C said...

That's a good one. I wish you hadn't mentioned the lines though... can't stop looking at them now!

chrishaley said...

I look forward to seeing the alternate take.

Also, I applaud you so far on keeping your blogging word.
I hope this streak of awesomeness continues.