Friday, April 04, 2008

Unused ideas

So...I got an email from the sports department editor saying they needed a cover illustration for a special section about the Memphis Tigers in San Antonio. They had the idea of the Memphis Tigers logo jumping out of the Alamo. L.A.M.E. So...I spent a little time thinking about a simple 3 color graphic (I'd have used orange instead of red, but that's the only color sharpie I had on me at the time) and also thinking about the page design. I felt I was really onto something cool, but they decided (earlier and without letting me know) to go with photos. time is wasted if you come up with ideas...regardless of whether or not they use them...right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway.


Anonymous said...
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chrishaley said...

Dude, these are awesome!
I want a tattoo of a red tiger now.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Ooooh...the name "red tiger" is pretty cool. Like a code name. That makes ME want a red tiger tattoo too.