Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm a rocket man

I decided I should put a Shane spin on the Rocketeer design. Ultimately, I wouldn't touch's perfect as it is...but I didn't want to just draw him as he was either.
I wanted the helmet to have the same vibe, but I gave it more rounded goggles. I moved the air vents from the top of the helmet to the a respirator could be plugged into them when he hits higher altitudes. Which leads me to the oxygen tank I added to his chest. I'm toying with longer gloves, but that's about it. I think the Rocketeer redisigns were invite only, but I'm going to finish it anyway. Whaddaya think?


Shobo C said...

I think the drawing is looking good so far. It seems to trade Steven's deco look for something more akin to steampunk, I assume that was intended.

Design wise I think there's something about the helmet that makes him look a bit more Abe Sapien/Iron Man-ish than Rocketeer-ey. It's probably hard to move away from that distinctive insectoid look of the Rocketeer though, I think there's little character missing in the area, might be something you want to think about. Of course I might just be projecting Steven's rendition onto yours too strongly.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Yeah, after I posted it I realized what I had been trying to figure out the whole time...that it was indeed Abe Sapien that he looks like. I've made a sketch of a new helmet that I'm going to scan and post later. It pretty much goes back to the original helmet, but adds the little intakes for a respirator along the bottom.