Thursday, April 10, 2008

I had A-1 today. Sweet.

This is another in the series on MLK. This was a lino-cut to match the woodcut I did for the last MLK piece I did. I have to say that it's a nice change of pace to actually dig into something with sharp instruments and then roll ink on it...and then make prints from it. It makes me feel like a real artist.


Shobo C said...

Once again, very swanky. I'd feel like I'd have to wear a top hat and carry a cane to read that paper. Of course I'd be in my underwear at the time, but there's only so much classin' up a man can undergo.

I know what you mean about the physicality of creating these types of works though. There's something physical that's scratched or beaten or molded by your hands, and it feels... there.

taylor said...

Ohh, the cover, I actually saw this one in the stand and decided I must have it.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Hey thanks, Shobo! No need for the cane and top hat, though. We're not THAT fancy...yet.

Taylor, I'm honored that you went to such lengths. Remind me to do something nice for you sometime.