Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This one has a funny story behind it. I was originally told that the story was more about skeezy old men catting around...cheating on their ladies...having affairs...getting a little action on the side...participating in extracurricular get the picture. Suddenly, however, after I completed the illustration the story was changed to something along the lines of "how to rebuild your marriage after the affair" image didn't really make sense. I was a little miffed. Misscommunications and whatnot. I'm over it now. I still like the image, though. I like how creepy it is and that it almost looks like the long golden hair might belong to the crusty older guy. It made me uneasy, but I thought it helped the overall vibe of infidelity so I left it alone. It also starts out dark and cold at the bottom and heats up as it nears the other woman. In the original sketch the guy was looking in a mirror and sitting on a dresser in front of him was a picture of him with his wife...who clearly didn't have long golden hair. Ultimatley, I thought the removal of the wedding band and the tan line worked well enough on their own and by taking away the photo I gained an element of mystery. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself.


chrishaley said...

Nicely done, sir.
At first I thought the story behind this image was going to be you chastising me for taking April to the strip club for her birthday, haha!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

You took April to a strip club for her birthday? Bold move, sir! Bold move. So...when we getting together to do some comic lettering??

chrishaley said...

Some of us merely presented her with the idea that if she thought it'd be an entertaining evening's endeavor that we could arrange it, and she wanted to see what the hooplah was about.
Long before the night was over, she had declared it the best birthday ever and that she was in love with one of the strippers.

As to commicking, I've just texted you about said matters.

chrishaley said...

This is me gently poking you with the idea of blogging.
Stop thinking about your sweet ass motorcycle for 15 minutes.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I thought about blogging today.

Thought about it.

Then I got on my sweet ass motorcycle and said "maybe later."

Lauren Rae said...

The hair did creep me out at first on the old man head, but I quickly realized what was happening. It sucks when people tell you some vague idea that you spend so much time breaking down and illustrating, only to be told later they meant something else. I have worked for too many clients that were just incapable of explaining what it is they were actually looking for. I should start a portfolio of all the designs/illustrations that were never used due to miscommunication to make a statement. We could have a whole gallery show! Big blown-up images of first drafts, with a small image of the final draft next to it. Perhaps all those wasted hours would be worth something then.